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Feelings- that shows everything

वफा की हद पता करनी हो,  तो आहट सुनते ही.. इंतजार खत्म होने का चेहरे पर आया नूर देख लेना|| और अश्क की गहराई पता करनी हो,  तो आंखों की नमी और होठों पर छाया.. सिल्वरटो का कहर देख लेना|| If you want to find out the limit or the extreme of someon’s loyality then… Continue Reading →

Don’t treat rape as a punishment…

let’s talk about recent case in India. One guy was sending threat messages to a girl, about raping her and in order to support his deeds he said that it was because she made fun of Shivaji Maharaj ( Maratha Rular) in her stand-up comedy on youtube. This incident made me numb for sometime, I… Continue Reading →


My heart beats faster and faster when sky greets with rain to cherish the thoughts and grain. I miss those days when the biggest worry was to make paper boat that can easily float, when the struggle can be felt only in wearing belt, when parents scold but we just cry and after getting one… Continue Reading →


Hi, I’m Namrata. 20 years old Student, recently started blog writing. I spend most of the time in studies and writing.

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