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The best way to keep our thoughts alive is to explore and recall them every single time.

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Women is not just a word, it is a Feeling which is undefined, one can only feel it. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform. We all know the truth that the world is originated from female. Other than female there is no other way to create or recreate human. So, we… Continue Reading →

Overthinking and living

In this busy world we have around millions of thought making cloud in our minds and we end up spending about seventy percent of our time in worrying and consequently thinking about it we never know which thought,of when and related to whom will flash in our memories at which time and after that we… Continue Reading →

School days

want that the beauty of her beloved and the memorize of their love must be remembered even after the end of the world, to make it immortal the poet wrote a poem. Just like the poem is living after the end of the world too same as the memories are of one living after his… Continue Reading →


Hi, I’m Namrata. 20 years old Student, recently started blog writing. I spend most of the time in studies and writing.

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