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The best way to keep our thoughts alive is to explore and recall them every single time.

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Since 15th Aug 1947- Forever India is a country full of different colors, cultures, languages, religions, foods etc. Despite of all these differences we Indians choose to stay together and grow together. “Unity in diversity” is not only a statement to us but also our dignity and strength.   On this day India was announced…

Inner thought..

Bring me light, let me shineMake the heart warm under cold skyMisery can wait and guess the traitLove is in water- holy or profane!


Women is not just a word, it is a Feeling which is undefined, one can only feel it. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform. We all know the truth that the world is originated from female. Other than female there is no other way to create or recreate human. So, we…


Hi, I’m Namrata. 20 years old Student, recently started blog writing. I spend most of the time in studies and writing.

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